Bamboo Coral

Environmentally friendly yet bold and brilliant, bamboo coral lends itself to stylish pieces and compliments some brilliant designer treasure necklaces interspersed with turquoise, spiney oyster shell, lapis.

Botanic Collection

Our Botanic Collection showcases a celebration of nature; displaying woodland creatures, botanical beauties and majestic wild animals.

Cast Opal

Made from a percentage of genuine stone mixed with synthetic opal which is laboratory grown, these designs mirror the structure and appearance of natural opal but are heat and chip resistant.

Cast Turquoise and Multicolour

Our most popular lines and the mainstay of our collection reconstituted or stabilised turquoise set in classic cast designs, available in Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Multicolour, Amethyst and Onyx.

Charms, Angels and Lifelink Beads

During the conversion to Christianity angels become Navajo 'guardians' and are a popular motif in the South West.


We stock authentic dreamcatchers from 2-10” in assorted colours, sage and prayer feathers but can order shields, peace pipes and other crafts.

Fetishes & Fetish Necklaces

A fetish is an object believed to have the magic powers of the animal carved. Whilst the table top fetishes are considered the domain of Zuni many Navajo also string beautiful fetish necklaces, pendants and earrings in natural stone.

Heritage Collection

Our Heritage Collection exhibits the unique designs that reflect the golden age of Navajo Silversmithing, complementing Brave's specialty, Turquoise - the stone of Kings. The meanings attributed to the different symbols and motifs are derived deep within Native American heritage and lore.

Liquid Silver

Cascading strands of thin silver beads that resemble waterfalls are combined with heishi turquoise, freshwater pearl and lapis.

Natural and Boulder Turquoise

We specialize in offering natural turquoise. Turquoise gets its colour from the heavy metals in the ground where it comes from - blue turquoise forms when copper is present (Mexico or Arizona). The Boulder Turquoise comes from the open cut mine in the northeast Nevada and is distinquished by narrow veinlets of turquoise through the mother rock. Where possible our turquoise is sourced from mines in the States such as Mexican, Kingman and Sleeping Beauty.

Navajo And Zuni Inlay

Exquisite hand cut natural stones and opals enhance the treasure beads and reflect nature in a celebration of harvest colours. Especially captivating are the small whimsical Zuni pieces inspired by nature.


Our Pearl selection features either coin and biwa pearls or freshwater pearles strung on liquid silver.


Our selection of rings vary from chip inlay with popular motifs being wolves, horses, bison to natural turquoise and opal cabechons. Ring sizes from L to V or to order.

Southwest Styles

Cascading strands of thin silver beads that resemble waterfalls carry all the popular motifs of the South West from the conch worn on the horses' bridles to the dreamcatcher, circle of life and medicine wheel. Sometimes enhanced with moccasin seedbeads.

Southwestern Animals

All creatures are credited with their own meaning and purpose and Man in the maze will help you find your path. Foremost in our Canyon Classic range are the animals that feature strongly in the Southwest – Eagle for vision, bear for wisdom, wolf for leadership, horse for success, dragonfly for magic, peyote bird for renewal and hummingbird for joy.

Treasure Beads

From the earliest times, Native Americans have used strings of gemstone and shell beads for trade and adornment. Many of these treasure bead styles will be enhanced with silver charms such as feathers that signify power. A wide variety of gemstones are used from gaspeite, lapis, turquoise, spiney oyster shell, sugalite, coral and malachite.

Turquoise Bracelets